S'appauvrir grâce aux indices boursiers!

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S'appauvrir grâce aux indices boursiers!

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Lisez attentivement ce qui suit pour mieux comprendre l'ampleur de l'imposture des indices boursiers américains et pourquoi vous devriez vous en méfier.

Bonne lecture...

The stock market is going up! Must be a great time to get in, right?

It's all a scam, of course, designed to extract money from people who cannot do math. Most people, for example, don't understand that the "Dow" is a compiled metric of the market that is constantly re-worked to show high numbers by dumping poor performers and adding high performers. The same is true with the Nasdaq. These market index numbers are specifically manipulated to make you think the market is doing extremely well at all times.

Then there's the fact that as the money supply gets flooded with cheap money from the Fed, it causes all stocks to appear to go UP in value because they are all being purchased with increasingly worthless dollars from an eroding money supply.

A typical American thinks, "The Dow is up another 20 points today! That's good!" but they fail to realize the Dow is a contrived market index whose primary purpose is to sucker new investors into the system so that the market insiders can (legally) separate them from their money.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040027_finan ... z2ROmxfcFM
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